It was so nice to receive IPT sessions from Flo. I was pregnant with my second and wanted to prepare holistically this time. She immediately made me feel at ease upon the first meeting. The therapy lets you sink into your body and connect with your uterus in a way that I have not experienced before. Flo works in coordination and has a pleasant structure in her sessions. Although I sometimes encountered difficult spots during the sessions, I always left feeling relaxed and confident thanks to Flo’s loving guidance. IPT can sound very serious, but with Flo you always have fun!

Thank you for this therapy, I felt a lot of relief. I am amazed how Flo felt so intuitively what my painful area was. She is a special human being.

It was nice having you around during the postpartum period. I enjoyed our conversations and your massages. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to have you during this time.

It was so nice and soothing to have Flo among us. The peace, love and expertise she provided gave us a very relaxing start. Flo sensed exactly what was needed.

Thank you for your peace, kind words and guidance! You are a great woman with a wonderful English sense of humour!


Thank you for taking such good care of us. You made the experience so much less traumatic.
H.&O. (care and support for birth of a late termination)

Dear Flo (Miss Sunshine), We are extremely grateful for two years of maternity care and that you were present at the deliveries of both our sons. Your soft, caring energy made us feel safe. This quickly catches our breath as a family. We wish you all the best and that you can give many more people a good start as a midwife.

Thank you for your loving, warm and caring presence during the pregnancy, the birth of (***) and the days after. For how you saw what was needed, for how you acted on it and how you allowed everything to be just like it was. Thanks to your presence, I would build the trust and confidence to take care of (***) alone. Probably the scariest and most beautiful thing I’ve ever done in my life. You have a special place in my heart and memory, and I admire the work you do and how you do it.

Thank you for all your help and support. You were always so friendly and always had a smile on your face.


Dear Flo, I’m not sure how to say thanks because it feels like the words “thank you” are not enough. I do not know what I would have done without you! You were there when I needed you, and you gave me space and rest when I needed it, without asking. So I’m gonna say it anyway and hopefully you feel how much I mean it: THANK YOU!

Thanks again for the great sessions we had in which I learned to feel more connected to my Yoni. I always felt that I was more of a boy, but especially since the last session I realised that I am actually, definitely a woman. I see you as a very loving, strong woman; an old soul in the body of a petite, young woman. I hope you will continue doing this important work, because every woman deserves this experience.

Dear Flo, a year ago you were right here! After the wonderful pregnancy and even better birth, we really had a wonderful year with (son). I still look back on your guidance with an incredibly warm feeling.


We are so happy that you helped us with the birth of (***)! From the first moment you arrived at the hospital, we benefited greatly from your enormous, strong support. The positivity, humour, loving touch and encouragement contributed enormously to a pleasant birth that we can look back on with a very good feeling. I still think the moment you sang along to the song, even though I didn’t know what kind of song it was, was very special.

Thank you for all your help and care pre, during and after birth! We have nothing but happy memories about the entire experience and feel very grateful to start our journey as a family in such a positive way!

Our angel
So much peace
So much involvement
So sincere
So easy to trust you with (***).
As loving as you are
How you were there for me
It was for us
How you helped me get back into my body
How you helped (***) get some rest
Your delicious rice soups to re-strengthen
You were there
From mental support to physical relaxation
No words how grateful we are that you were with us in our most vulnerable hours and yet so powerful at the same time
You became family for a moment
How nice it was that you were there waiting for us when we returned from hospital
How nice it was to come home to your warm care
To come back to ourselves
In this new life
Thankful that we got to know you during these most intimate moments from IPT to postpartum
Thank you for this great start


Dear Flo, This card is too small to describe all our thanks. How you helped make my wish for a home birth in the bath come true is unforgettable for us. Your good care was of great value to us. Thank you so much for your enormous patience, time and attention when I had to go through my catheter trauma. And it worked!

During my delivery I noticed that I benefited a lot from the IPT sessions. Thank you! The sessions supported me to come into my body and relax. The midwives were very impressed with the delivery, because I felt so clearly how I could open up further. For example, I felt immediately when I was fully dilated and the whole birth only lasted 5 hours and 40 minutes. I even liked the pressing phase, I could feel very well where (son) was and which direction he should go.
AV. v B.

Flo has been so helpful in all my questions relating to being a girl! Her calm non judgemental manner encourages all sorts of questions no matter how silly, from ovulating, pelvic floor, STI checks, and sex, she is the guru for all things female.



The location for the sessions is at the Dana Centrum. There is free parking on site. Please enter Dana Centrum through the main entrance, leave your shoes here and wait in the first room on the right as you enter, and I will come to greet you when I am ready. It is a large building and can sometimes be cold underfoot, so you may wish to bring some extra socks or slippers with you. I look forward to meeting you.
Flo’s Centre